General Information about visa services

  • We offer visa service to citizens/ legal residents of States of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia & Florida. Visa applications of third country visitors to US are not accepted.
  • Applications can be submitted with us in person or by hand of a runner or via mail. Information about Consular Section’s opening hours and closed holidays can be taken from home page of our website. We follow Central Standard Time (CST). No prior appointment is necessary for walk-in applications. The Consulate General will not be responsible for loss of documents in the mail.
  • Application forms should be filled-in completely. No column should be left blank. Incomplete form with vague entries shall not be accepted. If a question on the form is not relevant to the applicant, they should answer it as “Not applicable” instead of leaving it blank. A Child’s visa form can be signed by Father/ Mother.
  • Each application would be processed separately. Copies of all required documents must be attached with each application.
  • Issuance of visa is prerogative of the approving authority. Normally, if an application is approved, visa is issued in seven (7) business days. The processing time may take 4-6 weeks or longer if the case is referred to Ministry of Interior, Islamabad for decision.
  • Attach a copy of driver’s ID of the person submitting the application if not the applicant themselves.
  • Per application Visa fees on US passport is US $ 192.00 for Visit Visa, US $ 324.00 for Business Visa, and US $ 228.00 for Work/ Employment visa. For fees on passports of other countries, please go here.
  • The Fee is accepted only in the form of Money Order or Cashier’s Checks made payable to Consulate General of Pakistan Houston. CASH AND PERSONAL CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.
  • Applicants can be asked to appear for interview or submit additional supporting documents over and above the below-mentioned requirements, if needed.

Requirements of Visa Application

A: Standard Requirements for all Categories of Visa:

  • Valid Passport and one photocopy of first page (must be valid at least for 6 months from traveling date).
  • Duly completed and signed Visa Form. Indian Nationals should fill-in Visa Form for Indian Nationals.
  • Visa Fees in form of money order or cashier’s check only. One collective money order for multiple applications can be made. Per application Visa fees on US passport is US $ 192.00 for Visit Visa, US $ 324.00 for Business Visa, and US $ 228.00 for Work/ Employment visa. For fees on passports of other countries, please go here.
  • 2 Passports size Photographs. Indian Nationals should furnish 5 Passport size Photographs.
  • Copy of local ID (Driver’s License or State ID). In case of absence of local ID, a copy of applicant’s latest utility bill can be provided as proof of residence within our area of jurisdiction. If the visa applicant is a child, then a copy of his/ her birth certificate and a copy of both Father’s and Mother’s local ID will be required.
  • For children under 16 years of age, mother’s as well as father’s notarized consent form conveying no objection to issuance of visa to their child(ren) must be attached with visa application form. This consent form must be furnished even if the child is traveling with the parent (s).
  • For non-US passports holders, a copy of proof of legal resident status in USA (Green Card/ Alien Registration Card/ Work Permit).
  • If application is submitted through mail, a self addressed pre-paid return envelope with tracking number. One return envelope for multiple applications for same address can be given provided it is pre-paid for due weight.


Approximate processing time is 3-4 months for Indian nationals.



B: Specific Requirements for Various Categories of Visas
Below, find the type of visa you are applying to.

In addition to fulfilling the above-given Standard requirements, the applicant must fulfill the specific requirements for the category of visa he/she is applying for. The specific requirements for each category are given below:

Visit/ Tourist Visa:

  • Invitation Letter from host/ sponsor in Pakistan.
  • Photocopy of host’s Pakistan ID, address & telephone number.
  • If the purpose of visit is Trekking/ mountaineering, then the applicant must provide an Invitation letter from tour operator in Pakistan, Registration letter of tour operator with Ministry of Tourism in Pakistan, and the Trekking/Expedition permit issued by the Gilgit-Baltistan Council.

Family Visa (for foreigners of Pakistani origin and their spouses & children):

A multiple entry visa with five year validity or up to the expiry date of the passport, whichever is earlier, may be issued to applicants of Pakistani origin and their children & spouses (except Indian nationals) provided they furnish Photocopy of front and back of applicant’s valid or expired Pakistani ID (such as NIC/CNIC/NICOP) OR a copy of name and picture pages of their valid or expired Pakistani passport. If any applicant does not have Pakistani ID/Pakistani Passport of their own, they may provide a photocopy of their birth certificate along with photocopy of their Father’s or Mother’s Pak ID/Pak Passport (valid or expired) OR photocopy of Spouse’s Pak ID/Pak Passport (valid or expired) with copy of marriage certificate to show the connection/ Pakistani origin.

Business Visa:

  • A duly signed original letter of invitation from the host company on its letterhead along with its registration certificate with a Chamber of Commerce in Pakistan.
  • A duly signed original letter from the Employer in the US on Company’s letterhead.

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Work Visa:

Work Visas are issued after approval of Ministry of Interior, Government of Pakistan. The applicant’s employing company in Pakistan should process this approval through Board of Investment, Islamabad.

Journalist Visa:

The visa will be issued only on presentation of letter from the sponsoring publication and in consultation with our Press Attaché based in Embassy of Pakistan Washington D.C.

ed by its contrast of light and heavy lines. Often, these styles are combined.

Diplomatic, Official, Military and Education- related visas:

Diplomatic, Official, Military and Education- related visas are processed by Embassy of Pakistan, Washington D.C. The applicants from our area of jurisdiction who wish to apply for any of these categories of visas, should send their applications directly to the Embassy of Pakistan in Washington D.C.